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The Obama Administration: Engaging the Muslim World with a new Mindset; Challenges and Opportunities

“To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.”  This historical statement made by President Barack Obama in his inauguration address is highly welcomed and well overdue from a US President.

This well thought declaration is a clear indication of the President willingness to keep one of his important promises he made during his election campaign: “working toward changing the mindset that led the world to the ‘mess’ it is in today”.

The author of this paper – who has been in charge of the international relations of one of the first contemporary political parties of Islamic obedience to have won the trust of the majority of a Muslim population, in a free, transparent, and multiparty elections – will first elaborate on what he believes are some of the reasons why the above mentioned inauguration statement is historical.

This author asserts that it is high time for the Western World to reassess its political economy of the Muslim world relations. There has been indeed considerable erosion in mutual trust and respect between the West in general, and the US in particular, and the Muslim World populations.

The paper will bring to mind some much needed specific initiatives, to be taken by both parties, which would contribute to effectively restore this trust.  It suggest in the second chapter what strategic moves President Obama needs to undertake in order to be able to achieve this policy toward the Muslim World.

In the third Chapter, the paper will then attempt at answering timely questions such as: how to promote good governance in the Muslim World? What lessons are to be learned from previous experiences and bad practices?

Chapter four will attempt at answering the questions: What role could and should the new US administration assume in the promotion of democracy and human rights in the region? What are the challenges and opportunities the Obama Administration will be facing while engaging the Muslim World with a new Mindset?

Finally the paper will address the strategic role Muslims in the United States as well as certain groups in the Muslim World, such as the author’s Movement for Liberty & Social Justice –of Algeria- could and should assume in this endeavor of establishing a new political economy of the Muslim World relations.

It is the strong belief of the author of this paper that a fair foreign policy is one that promotes the balance of security with liberty and dignity for all people, a foreign policy that promotes the right of all nations to share our planet equally.


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