Dr. Antony T. Sullivan

Dr. Antony T. Sullivan has written over 80 book chapters, journal articles and academic reviews, focusing on Arab and Islamic history and relations between the West and the Muslim world. He is also the author of a book on Franco-Algerian relations in the 19th century and a second book on Palestinian universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Sullivan has lectured at more than 70 universities and public policy institutes in the United States and overseas. He has served as instructor in history at International College in Beirut, Lebanon and since 1988, he has held an appointment as associate for the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies at The University of Michigan.

From 1970-2000, Sullivan was associated with the Earhart Foundation, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He served variously as assistant to the program officer (1970-1971), program officer (1971-1978), corporate secretary and program officer (1978-1990) and corporate secretary and director of program (1991-2000). The Earhart Foundation makes grants for advanced scholarship (pre and post doctoral) in the related disciplines of international affairs, political science, economics and history as well as for research in selected fields in the humanities.

Sullivan received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University, his master’s degree from Columbia University and his doctorate in European and Middle Eastern history from the University of Michigan. He speaks both French and Arabic and travels frequently to Europe and the Middle East.