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A female Muslim politician has a message for Trump

Posted on Feb 4, 2017

Meherzia Labidi is an elected female parliamentarian from Tunisia. She wears a hijab and is a practicing Muslim. And she has a message of hope. In an interview with Today’s WorldView while on a visit to...

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Tunisia: A Model for Democracy in the Arab World

Posted on Jan 31, 2017

The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) cordially invites you to a luncheon meeting: Tunisia: A Model for Democracy in the Arab World with Mrs. Meherzia Labidi Member of the Tunisian Parliament and...

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Proposed Muslim Immigration Ban Unconstitutional and Counterproductive

Posted on Jan 30, 2017

CSID Press Release: For more information, please contact Prof. Asma Afsaruddin, Chair of the Board, +1-812-856-7347 Dr. Radwan Masmoudi, President, +1-202-604-1290 Proposed Muslim Immigration Ban Unconstitutional...

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CSID Bulletin – How Hatred of Islam is Corrupting the American Soul.

Posted on Jan 18, 2017

How Hatred of Islam is Corrupting the American Soul What happens when your enemy is demonized and dehumanized past the point of no return? If Allah, the Qur’an, Muhammad and Islamic history are so vile, what...

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Happy Holidays from CSID

Posted on Dec 26, 2016

On behalf of the CSID Board of Directors, Members, Fellows, and Supporters, we wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a Blessed and Happy New Year 2017. May 2017 bring you, your family,...

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Report: Supporting Tunisia: A priority for the Trump Administration?

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

As Tunisia’s transition to democracy continues to move forward, in spite of the challenges it faces particularly with regards to its struggling economy, the country is looking to its friends and allies...

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Clear Set of Standards Needed for Engagement with ‘Political Islamists’

Posted on Nov 11, 2016

In the Foreign Affairs Committee Report, MPs conclude that the phrase ‘political Islam’ is vague; has no universally-accepted meaning, and includes a very wide variety of groups. Read the report...

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