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Abdellatif Mohamed Saied, The International Quranic Center

Abdellatif M. Saied is the Egypt country coordinator of the International Quranic Center in Washington DC- a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed to articulating a vision of Islam as an inclusive and peaceful religion. He plays a key role in the organization’s website — Ahl-alquran website ( — that has become a prominent participant in the international debate about the future of Islam. IQC and Ahl Al Quaran provide the leading moderate Muslim voice and image on the Internet.

Mr. Saied graduated from Alazer University, the oldest and most respectable religious school in the Muslim World in 19991. He wrote many research studies, articles and working papers for Egyptian and Arab newspapers and NGO newsletters, including Al-Tanweer Magazine, Voice of the Egyptian Enlightenment Association, and AlKalema Center for Human Rights. He was also a member of many democracy and human rights organizations based in Egypt including The Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies, The Egyptian Enlightenment Association, and The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights. In May 2007 he was a prisoner of conscience where he was detained and tortured arbitrarily for four months by Egyptian authorities for allegations of “insulting Islam” and “denying established facts of Islam.”

Abstract: Using New Generation and Technology to Facilitate Peace in the Middle-East

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